Oops!Semi Auto Gun Soap-Transluscent Lt Green


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Milky clear light green soap with an embedded soap resembling a nickel plated semi automatic pistol with brown grips. It is scented with a unisex fragrance blend of "Rain", "Vanilla Oak", "Lavender", "Vetyver", and "Musk". Each bar measures approximately 4"x2"x3/4" and weighs approximately 4oz. Sold individually. These are in my "Oops!" discounted section because some of this batch just didn't make the cut. Literally. When I embed soaps, I do it in layers and evidentally my first layer set too much before placing all of my embeds on top and pouring the rest of the soap over it. The top layer separated from the rest of the soap. There is nothing wrong with the soap except the embed (gun part of the soap) is at the top instead of a layer of clear green soap. This makes the soap about 1/4" thinner than the ones that came out okay.

Product Code: SP69OOPS

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