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These soaps made the Oops! category because they began as white with splatters of red and pink on the top. Unfortunately the new red colorant that I had never used before eventually faded. Also these soaps were cut out with cookie cutters and there are a few that have edges on the back where they were cut too close to the edge of the block of soap. There is nothing wrong with the functionally of these soaps (they still smell great and work great as soap), they just aren't pretty any longer. I am adding current images of them to see for yourself.

They come in your choice of 3 shapes - traditional, curvey tail, and crinkle cut and are lightly scented with a combination of fragrances including *"Beautiful" Type fragrance oil.

*This is not the real fragrance from Estee Lauder, but a type of fragrance made to smell similar* The soaps are finished off with pink satin and red with white dot ribbons. They measure approx. 3"x3"x7/8". Sold individually.

Product Code: SP26OOPS

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