Copper Charm Style Bangle with clasp featuring Magnesite and Jasper Beads


Product Information

This bangle style bracelet has a twist. Literally. It is made of 16 gauge copper (although I think I will try making one with 14 gauge in the future which is bigger wire) and is wrapped and twisted with additional wire in a way that looks similar to a grapevine. From this gravevine are hung blue-green magnesite beads resembling turquoise, fossil jasper, copper leaves, and other copper components. It is finished with a handmade copper clasp and extender chain with a little smiling moon face on the end. This bracelet is approx. a size 8" which fits most wrists with a slight hang. I do not have a stock of these bracelets. Yours will be made when you order, so if you would like to contact me when you place your order, I can adjust the size as needed while making it.

Product Code: B14

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